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Since 2011

ART IN STUDIO was founded in 2011 in Seoul, Korea and has recently opened a Vancouver branch in 2020. 

ART IN STUDIO Seoul is an academy that specializes in portfolios for students interested in studying art & design abroad, and provides professional guidance for students preparing for studying art at universities in Canada, U.S.A, UK and Europe by helping them produce their finest portfolios. We provide various courses: Foundation, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Product Design, Illustration, Animation, Interior Design, Architecture, etc. We have six tutors that specialize in art and design fields. For 10 years, we have successfully helped hundreds of students to be accepted into the top art and design universities in the world and receive top scholarships. 


Vancouver ART IN STUDIO is more focused on developing students’ art and design creativity and originality from Kindergarten to Grade 12. We provide various programs suitable for each level of students' age.



Creativity is changing our future, and Design is leading the innovation of the world. We believe students have enormous potential and creativity. We support students in their journey to find and discover their own creative thinking and ideas. We admire students’ individual identity and help them find a way to express art on their own.

First, we teach all of our students a variety of research methods of art and design. Research through idea sketchbooks and journals are very important in developing and expressing works of art and design. Researching and developing is the key foundation to do art and design works.

Second, we teach various methods on how to draw and express what students see. There are hundreds of drawing methods and ways to express their observation. Works are expressed based on a student’s own view and thinking

Third, we are caring and seeking to know more about our students. Knowing a student's personality and identity is very important in finding a student's unique originality

Students are expected to show a portfolio with their originality and creativity. They can know themselves more and find identity. Then, they can create and express ideas and develop them through research. We support all students with all our heart and abilities.


Mina Kang


Illustration&Animation MA, Kingston University London, UK


2020 - present :  ART IN STUDIO Vancouver Director

2011 - 2022 : ART IN STUDIO Seoul Director

: Art & Design Portfolio 17 years work experience

2017 - present :

MINABOOK publication director, Children's Book Illustrator & Writer

Children's book  :

2019 The Flying Fish 하늘을 나는 물고기, 강미나

2017 The Yellow Cat 사자가 되고 싶은 고양이, 강미나

Book illustrations : 

2017  Who You Are When No One's Looking, Bill Hybels, IVP

2008 Naked Fruit: Getting Honest about the Fruit of the Spirit, Elisa Morgan, IVP

2007 Courage, Bill Hybels, IVP

2007 Hundred Years from Ireland, Yongmi Cho, Samtoh co., Ltd

2007 How to live with your feeling, Philip J.Swihart, IVP

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