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Mina Kang


Mina Kang

  • ​영국 Kingston University London - Illustration&Animation 대학원졸

  • 현, 그림책작가, Illustrator, 아트인스튜디오 원장

  • 어린이 그림책 : 사자가 되고 싶은 고양이, 하늘을 나는 물고기 출간

  • Illustration : 내 마음의 열매 가꾸기, 용기, 당신은 하나님의 선물입니다 외 다수

  • Art Instructor 15년 경력


*Kinder - Gr2 (max6)

Wed 3:20 - 4:40 or

Thur 3:20 - 4:40 pm

*Gr3 - Gr6 (max6)

Thur 4:50 - 6:10 pm or

Fri  3:20 - 4:40 pm

* Gr7 - Gr12

Wed & Fri 4:40 - 7:40 pm &

Sat 9:30 - 1:30 pm

* Gifted Class

Sat  9:30 - 13:00 pm


  • Week 1 : <Winter Book Art>  겨울 풍경을 담은 책 만들기

  • Week 2 : <Snow globe + Clay>   스노우볼 만들기                            

  • Week 3 : < Winter Painting & lights on canvas> 캔버스 위에 조명과 겨울 풍경 페인팅

  • Week 4 : <Oliver Jeffers 'Stuck' > 올리버 제퍼스 그림책 작가의 Stuck 책을 읽고 그림으로 표현하기



  • Week 1 : < Color Wheel Chart >

                  주변에서 찾아보는 컬러 차트

  • Week 2 : <Rainbow color making by salt and pastel> 

                  파스텔과 소금으로 만드는 무지개색 

  • Week 3 : <Nature Color - Gem Frame > 

                  Gem그림을 그린 후 Frame만들기 

  • Week 4 : <Damien Hirst 'Spin painting Circle'> 

                  데미안 허스트의 추상 페인팅 기법        



Drawing Me!

: The subject of March is 'Drawing Me' 

Drawing is the most important element in art. 

Humans are instinctively like to draw something. And Kids in particular love to draw. We will do exciting drawings for 3 weeks in March.

In the first week, Gr 3 to 6 will learn how to draw a face by pencils. There are many kinds of pencils such as 4H, H, HB, 2B, 4B, 6B and 8B etc. It will be fun to learn about the pencil's texture and drawing face. Kids can choose Cartoon drawing or real face drawing.

Kinder to G3 will make a big size of the Mindcraft Mask based on pixels. Photoshop is made of pixels. It is so important. This will be a good chance to learn about pixels. 

In the second and third week, We will learn about 'Beatrice Alemagna' who is one of the top illustrator and children's book writer. We will read 'What is a child?' book and learn about her drawing style. Then we will apply her art style to our self-portrait drawings. Drawing real size self-portraits can be build children's self-esteem. And it will be fun to kids too.


Spring is coming. Flowers are everywhere. In April, girls and boys will do different art works. Girls will enjoy drawing and making of beautiful flowers. Boys! Stretch out your creativity and imaginations. Materials? We will deal with popcorn, coffee filter, acylic paint, Watercolor paint, form board, box, and color tape etc. 

  • Week 1 :  ​Cherry Blossom - Popcorn tree & drawing

  • Week 2 :  Coffee Filter Flower ( girls ) / Marble track game (boys)

  • Week 3 :  Claude Monet 'the water-lily pond box' by acrylic painting

  • Week 4 :  Artist Eva Armisen - painting ( girls ) / Artist Paul Smith - Box Car Design ( boys )



Perspective is one of the key elements of Art. Everyday we see buildings around us. This is a painting technique used to express the spatial relationship of a three-dimensional image on a two-dimensional surface. We will have fun learning perspective.



  • Week 1 :  ​Mother’s day Paper Flower Bouquet

  • Week 2 :  Perspective landscape drawing with mirror paper ( girls) / Airplane making ( boys )

  • Week 3 :  Artist Doho Suh - Miniature House 1 ( girls ) / House for boys ( boys )

  • Week 4 :  Artist Doho Suh - Miniature House 2 - Character Clay